Information on using cell phones in the classroom:

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These are great videos that talk about what happens and the consequences of posting anything online.

Think Before You Post

Think Before You Post 2

Texting while driving simulation:

A teenage driver drove an advanced driving simulator while text-messaging. The driver was fitted with an eye-tracker system which overlays crosshairs over the driver's point of gaze.

In this video the point of gaze is indicated by the red-crosshairs.

As can be seen in the video, during text-messaging the driver lost control of the vehicle numerous times and either "crashed" into other vehicles or went off the road. The driver's gaze was directed away from the forward roadway for long and unsafe durations.

These are a couple of internet safety quizzes that we will be using in class to test students' knowledge of internet safety.

Safe Kids Online Quiz

Nebraska Online Safety Quiz

Parent Permission Letter

Student Contract