Great Depression and The New Deal
Big Idea: Boom to Bust
The student...

- explains the factors that could change supply of or demand for a product (e.g., societal values: prohibition of alcohol; scarcity of resources: war; technology: assembly line production).

- uses primary source materials to explore individual experiences in the Dust Bowl in Kansas (e.g., diaries, oral histories, letters).

- analyzes the causes and impact of the Great Depression (e.g., overproduction, consumer debt, banking regulation, unequal distribution of wealth).

- analyzes the costs and benefits of New Deal programs. (e.g., budget deficits vs. creating employment, expanding government: CCC, WPA, Social Security, TVA, community infrastructure improved, dependence on subsides).

- analyzes the debate over expansion of federal government programs during the Depression (e.g., Herbert Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alf Landon, Huey Long, Father Charles Coughlin).-

- analyzes the human cost of the Dust Bowl through art and literature (e.g., Dorothea Lange, Woody Guthrie, John Steinbeck).

- Use the site to do the word cloud question. Simply take your three other essential question answers and copy and paste them into wordle and then explain why this is the Big Idea.

Causes of the Great Depression, the Great Depression and the New Deal:

Assignment 1: Impact of the Great Depression

Impact of the Great Depression - Migrant Mother

1) Read the "Impact of the Great Depression - Migrant Mother" link and watch the video above.
2) Write down five adjectives that sum up this information and describe how each adjective fits the information.
  • Make sure to either submit this in a Google Doc or hand it in on paper to Mr. Lehr
  • Each adjective and description will be worth five points and will be graded using the Ideas & Content Rubric. (25 points total)

Assignment 2: New Deal vs. Stimulus Package
PBS Frontline New Deal vs. Stimulus Package
CBS News New Deal vs. Stimulus Package
1) Watch and read the two links found above: "PBS Frontline and CBS News."
2) Create a Compare/Contrast chart or a Venn Diagram (It doesn't have to be a Venn Diagram) showing the similarities and differences between the New Deal and the Stimulus Package.
3) Was the New Deal successful? Do you see anything today that exists because of the New Deal? What? Buildings, bridges, roads, etc...
4) Will the Stimulus Package be successful? What do you think?
  • Either a Google Doc or hand it in to Mr. Lehr

Assignment 3: Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl Primary Sources
Dust Bowl Pictures
1) Go to the discussion board and discuss the Dust Bowl and the effect it had on the country. Follow the questions Mr. Lehr asks in the discussion.

Assignment: New Deal

(1) Identify buildings, roads, parks or other projects in the area developed as a result of FDR's New Deal.
- What did they cost and what was/is their impact on the community?
- Try looking here:
Harvey County Historical Society
City of Newton
Kauffman Museum
- You might have to send an e-mail to someone to find out where to look exactly or even make a phone call (I'll let you use your cell phone).
(2) Given Hoover Dam statistics, calculate the power produced in a minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and century.