Welcome to the Progressive Era.

Big Idea: Forward-Thinking
Start a Google Doc entitled Progressive Assignments. Share the assignments found below with greg.r.lehr@gmail.com. Do each assignment in the same Google Doc!!! If you do not want to do a Google Doc, you can do it on paper.

Assignment 1:
Use the powerpoints to answer the following questions on a Google Doc. You have the option of doing this assignment in groups of two or three.
1) What are the four goals of Progressivism?
- What does this mean in your own words?
2) Using the CQ Researcher found behind the media center desk (where you check out books), find examples of Progressivism that have occured within the last 20 years.
3) Write down the example and explain how it relates to the Progressivism of the early 1900's.
- You must have at least one example for each of the four goals of Progressivism.

Want to hear about the Progressive Era, then watch this:

Assignment 2:
What is a muckraker, watch and read the following presentation to find out:

Listen to the song Dirty Laundry by Don Henley and look at the attached lyrics and then answer the following questions in a Google Doc, share with greg.r.lehr@gmail.com:
You'll have to open the lyrics in one tab and then listen to the song on another tab.
Dirty Laundry Lyrics

1) What is the message?
2) Is the message true? Why or why not?

Assignment 3:
Go to: http://search.ebscohost.com/
User ID: newton
Password: railers
- Click on ABC-CLIO Databases
- Click on the American History box on the left
- Click on Explore an Era and scroll down to the Progressive Era
- Click on the tab entitled Regulating Business
- Click on the tab on the sidebar entitled Primary Sources
- Then click on the tab entitled Sinclair, Upton: The Jungle
Answer these questions in the google doc you started with Assignment 1.
1) What is your reaction to the excerpt from this book?
2) How have laws changed to make things safer?
3) Will you ever eat hot dogs again?

Assignment 4:
Read the attached editorial:
1) Is this muckraking?
2) Change this article to the other viewpoint to try and convince people the other way. You can do this a couple of different ways, you can create a cartoon on www.xtranormal.com or put it on your Google Doc for the Progressive Era.

Assignment 5: Progressive Era Essential Questions

Answer these on your Google Doc.