Big Idea: Greed

A presentation over Imperialism:

Assignment 1:
Students will now create their own wikispace.
*If you would like to do an assignment without using the computer, talk to Mr. Lehr
- You must come up with the wiki name.
*I recommend wikispaces but you do not have to use it.
- You DO NOT have to use your name in the wiki and therefore it will be totally anonymous.
- Have fun with it because this is the place you will be posting your assignments.
- A link to your wikispace will be included on my wikispace for anyone to see so make it neat and clean. Don't worry, it's anonymous so no one will know it's you.
- Your wiki will include many different topics. This first topic will be called Imperialism.
- The Imperialism topic must include how the U.S. started to become involved in world affairs in the early 1900's.
  • It must have information about the debate over imperialism, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, Panama Canal, Open- Door Policy, Roosevelt Corollary and Dollar Diplomacy.
  • You must have a Big Idea for Imperialism.
- The information must be in your own words and you must cite where you find your information.
- Your wiki will be graded using the following rubric:

Spanish-American War wikis:
Imperialism 1
Imperialism 2
Imperialism 3
Imperialism 4
Imperialism 5
Imperialism 6
Imperialism 7
Imperialism 8
Imperialism 9
Imperialism 10
Imperialism 11