ABC-Clio: Social Studies Database
User ID: newtonhs
Password: kansas

Information on the world: CIA World Factbook

Cell Phone Information: Cell Phone Craziness

Cool Tools For Schools:
A great tool that has a ton of online resources for you to use. From researching to creating videos, this wiki has it.

Sign up for a gmail account and use all of the great features that Google provides for FREE.

Kansas Social Studies Standards: Kansas History Standards
Want to know why we learn the material we do? Here's your answer.

Newton Senior Exit Portfolio: Newton Senior Exit Portfolio
A site dedicated to helping Newton High School students with the SEP and a place to get all the documents and information you need.

Google Squared:
Google Squared takes a category and creates a starter 'square' of information, automatically fetching and organizing facts from across the web

This is a great website to see other PowerPoint presentations and grab some ideas.

This website will be used to record Podcasts for class, either as assignments or just reminders.

This website can be used to create cartoons and movies using animation and putting it in your own words. You're basically the director of your own movie.

This is another great website where you can insert pictures and text and create your own video.

This is a website where you can create your own cartoon using a variety of characters, including Akon and Street Fighter characters.

Create your own comic strip using this website...don't forget the history stuff.

A great website where you can make an interactive web organizer and save it to study later.